Quick Fix for Tripod Quick Release needs

Almost every class I teach I mention the need for a tripod.  “Any tripod is better than no tripod” I’ve been known to say.  I will caution anyone about trusting a $30 tripod to hold up their $1000 camera outfit.  Repairs are expensive.  Tripod simply give us sharper images and when shooting in low light are absolutely necessary.

People that know me also know that I am a thrift store/yard sale junkie.  I don’t really need another tripod of any sort but if I find one cheaply I will usually buy it.  Tripods are versatile now more than ever.  Most current flash units can be used off camera without buying camera-to-flash accessories.    And, with about $20 in accessories, a cheap tripod can be turned into a light stand complete with a flash bracket AND umbrella mount.

I have steered away from and even talked people out of buying off-brand use tripods that were missing the quick release knowing they will never find a replacement.  That was until today.  I didn’t realize there was a site, and even a local store, I could find an odd quick release.

Please check out www.tripodquickrelease.com, buy the part you need and make use of that old tripod.  It’s part of Spartan Photo Center in Spartanburg SC.  Now I’m going to have to make more room in a garage already filled with “maybe I’ll use that in a shoot one day” stuff (and no cars).   Have fun shooting.  ML