New Photography Classes & Workshops in 2015!

I don’t do New Years resolutions, but if I did this year’s would be to use my blog more. We’ll see how that goes.

The good news for this year is that I have added to my photography class list!  Also we are doing more hands-on classes, which people seem to like, and have added some classes for up-and-coming pros!

Most, if not all, of our 101-Basic Digital Photography Classes are free at Spartanburg and Greenville county public libraries.  And we are looking to move into Hendersonville and Asheville NC in the spring.

Check out this list of our current classes and, if you’re interested, sign up for one at  The new 2015 classes have a * attached to them.  I hope to see you in class!

101 – Digital Photography Fundamentals

102 – DSLR Fundamentals

103 – DSLR Advanced Techniques

104 – Your Canon Camera

105 – Your Nikon Camera

106 – Your Sony Camera

107 – Basic Photoshop Elements

108 – Photographic Composition*

109 – The Right Photo Gear*

110 – iPhoneography I

111 – iPhoneography II*

201 – Flash Fundamentals Hands-on

202 – Off-Camera Flash Hands-on*

203 – HDR Photography

204 – Image Organization & Management*

208 – Posing Fundamentals*

301 – Outdoor Portraiture Hands-on Workshop

302 – Photoshop for Portraits

303 – Sports & Action Photography Workshop

304 – Window Lit Portaits*

305 – Night Landscapes Workshops*

307 – The Wedding Photography Business for New Professionals*

306 – The Business of Portrait Photography*

Learn aperture and shutter speed at this week’s photography class in Spartanburg!

This week’s class is all about learning to shoot in full manual. About an hour after arriving we will be hands-on shooting in manual mode on our SLRs, a mode that intimidates most new photographers.

This class is updated and is half classroom and half hands-on. Weather permitting, we will go outside and put to use what we have learned the first hour of class.

If you haven’t taken any of our classes I will encourage you to review what ISO means to digital photography before attending this 200 level class. Bring your camera and plan to have fun!

DSLR Photography Classes this week in Spartanburg!

I’m guessing most entry-level DSLR owners know the power of the Program Mode on their camera. This Tuesday at Spartan Photo Center we will have our 102 class, Basic DSLR Photography, from 6-8PM. This class is designed to show the power behind using the Program Mode of your SLR. We will cover flash control, menu control, white balance and more!

Information and registration at

2014 Photography Classes in Greenville and Spartanburg!

We have officially begun our 2014 series, with our student favorites and 10 new photography classes. 

This year we will be offering 4-hour workshops that take you through the basics and advanced functions of a DSLR, including an hour of Photoshop Elements.  These classes are in both Greenville and Spartanburg. 

We have also added 10 new classes that are more specific to your favorite area of photography.  These are HDR, Macro, Children, Sports, Landscape, iPhone/smart phone and more!  Please visit our class schedule at for information and registration. 

Greenville classes will be held at Hilton Greenville and Spartanburg classes will be held at South Carolina’s biggest camera store, Spartan Photo Center.  We look forward to seeing you there! 

Basic Digital SLR Classes this week in Spartanburg.

We will begin our digital photography class series again this week in Spartanburg, at Spartan Photo Center.

Tuesdays Aug 23 & Aug 30 will be our Basic and Advanced DSLR Classes. The two classes together will take you from using your camera’s automatic and scene modes into using full manual exposure. We will learn all about lenses, ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speeds and Metering.

We suggest photographers of all skill levels start with our Basic DSLR class, however there is no prerequisite for any of our classes. If you are familiar with ISO, Program modes and Expansion/Compression, jump right into our Advanced class.

These classes will be followed by Canon and Nikon specific classes, Photoshop, Flash and more.

Please check our full class listing at Thanks!

Greenville SC Photography Classes at the Kroc Center, August 2013

Michael Lamb Photography is excited to announce a series of Digital SLR Photography Classes in Greenville. Just in time to get to know your camera better before the football season and autumn portraits, Michael is teaching 6 different classes.

Thursday Aug 22, 2013 – Basic DSLR. After a short review of the automatic “scene modes” of your camera, Michael will teach you how and why to get out of the green automatic modes and move towards manual. We will discuss lens choices and start taking control of our cameras through the use of Program modes and ISO.

Thursday Aug 29, 2013 – Sports Photography Workshop. School has just started and that means football season. This hands-on workshop will take place near sunset on the Kroc Center’s beautiful field. We will photograph athletes as the sun sets, learning to use manual controls, ISO and flash to stop motion, even in the dark. Though no indoor sports are taught during this workshops, the techniques learned can be used for indoor sports too!

Thursday Sept 5, 2013 – Advanced DSLR. This class is all about manual exposure. We will discuss aperture and shutter speeds and how, and when, to adjust them for proper exposure and creative effect. The last 30-45 minutes of the class will be hands on, putting to practice what was learned in the first hour.

Thursday Sept 12 and 19, 2013 – Canon & Nikon SLR In-Depth. Michael will help take the fear out of moving all those buttons, and dials, and even teach you navigate through your menus with ease. These classes are Canon & Nikon specific, and though there is no prerequisite, discussion of ISO, aperture and shutter speeds is very limited. The the Basic + Advanced SLR classes are recommended for those wanting to learn manual exposure.

Thursday Sept 26, 2013 – Digital Editing using Adobe Photoshop Elements. Michael will use Elements in a live demonstration. Working with layers is key to using Photoshop Elements well. We will start with layers and build upon it using the most commonly used tools. Learn to correct exposure and color, remove unwanted elements from a picture, merge two images and more. You are not required to own Photoshop Elements to take the class. Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 may be downloaded free, for 30 days, from Adobe before or after the class and is available locally for under $100.00.

Thursday Oct 3, 2013 – Portrait and Flash class. Michael will show you the tricks and tools he uses every day as a portrait photographer. Using a model, you will learn simple, effective shooting methods using flashes and reflectors. This is a very hands on class. Bring your cameras, lenses, flashes and other accessories.

If you have any questions about any classes, please contact Michael Lamb directly at 864-497-3093 or We look forward to seeing you in class!

Canon Digital Photography Class in Spartanburg SC 1/22/13

Learn your Canon from the outside in. This class will teach you the Canon terminology, buttons, dials and menus that allows you to take control of the quality of your photographs.

We will discuss:
-major camera icons, buttons and dials
-understanding your camera’s menus and custom functions
-focusing & metering options
-using histograms and highlights for correct exposure
-choosing and using white balance
-basic pop-up and accessory flash functions
-choosing and using lens, flash and accessories
and more

The class content will apply to almost all Canon DSLRS though the examples shown will be from mid and entry level cameras like the Canon Rebel series and the Canon 40D-60D

Jan 22, 2013 6-8PM
Spartan Photo Center
197 East Saint John St
Spartanburg SC 29306

Please bring your camera to class and prepare to take notes.
Call or email with questions.
or 864-497-3093

Free Digital Photography Class Simpsonville Library 1/17/13

We would like to thank the Greenville Public Library – Simpsonville Branch for hosting this free event.

This class is designed for both compact camera and digital SLR users and is perfect for anyone who may have received a new camera for Christmas or just wants to know their current camera better.

Knowing how your camera thinks and works results in better images.

You will learn: major features and icons of your camera, how and when to use your camera’s auto scene modes, using zoom to completely change the look of a picture, camera care and more.

Thursday Jan 17, 2013 6-8PM
Greenville Public Library – Simpsonville Branch
626 NC Main St, Simpsonville, SC 29681

Bring your camera and plan to take notes.
Please email or call us if you have questions.

Basic SLR Photography Classs in Spartanburg Tuesday 1/15/13

Let us help you get out of the “green” automatic mode and moving towards full manual control of your camera. This class is for new DSLR users and those wanting to use their current cameras better.

The right balance of aperture and shutter speed is essential for a correctly exposed picture. And, a basic understanding of aperture and shutter speed will allow you to predict and control depth-of-field and motion in your images.

You will learn: how and when to use your camera’s auto scene modes, choosing and using the best lenses, and balancing aperture and shutter speeds

Tuesday Jan 15, 2012 6:00-8:30PM
Spartan Photo Center
197 East Saint John St
Spartanburg SC 29306

Bring your camera and plan to take notes.
Please email or call us if you have questions.

All-day DSLR and Sports Workshop in Greenville!

Our first All-day DSLR and Sports Workshop in Greenville on March 9, 2013! 

We will spend 2 hours learning basic SLR photography, 2 more hours learning Advanced Techniques and preparing for a hands-on sports photography experience. 

After lunch we will take to the court and photograph 2 athletes playing indoor sports.  Closer to sunset we will take to the field and start learning to shoot field sports.  We hope to take you through artificial light, sunlit outdoor and artificially lit outdoor sports before we wrap up around 6:30PM. 

Spartan Photo Center will be providing some professional lenses for us to use along with your own equipment. 

Check out the details at