Nikon Digital Photography Class in Spartanburg SC 1/29/13

Learn your Nikon from the outside in. This class will teach you the Nikon terminology, buttons, dials and menus that allows you to take control of the quality of your photographs.

We will discuss:
-major camera icons, buttons and dials
-understanding your camera’s menus and custom functions
-focusing & metering options
-using histograms and highlights for correct exposure
-choosing and using white balance
-basic pop-up and accessory flash functions
-choosing and using lens, flash and accessories
and more

The class content will apply to almost all Nikon DSLRS though the examples shown will be from mid and entry level cameras like the Nikon D5100 and D3100.

Tuesday Jan 29, 2013 6-8PM
Spartan Photo Center
197 East Saint John St
Spartanburg SC 29306

Please bring your camera to class and prepare to take notes.
Call or email with questions.
or 864-497-3093


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