SLR Classes Series Begin Again Feb 21, 2012 in Spartanburg.

Our SLR classes begin again in Spartanburg SC on Tuesday Feb 21.  All classes are held at Spartan Photo Center, Tuesdays and Thursdays 6-8PM.

Tuesday Feb 21, 2012 – Basic SLR:  This class is for beginner SLR users.  What’s the difference between the “green” auto mode and Program?  After a review of the automatic scene modes built into your camera, we will teach you how and why you should your Program mode.  Knowing your camera better, and being able to predict the outcome of different modes will have you shooting better pictures the moment you leave the class.

Tuesday Feb 28, 2012 – Advanced SLR.  Learn to shoot in full manual.  This class is a continuation of our Basic SLR class and will teach you to shoot in Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority and Manual modes.  There will be an in-depth discussion of aperture, shutter speeds and your camera’s built-in meter.  While we don’t require taking our Basic SLR class before the advanced class, we recommend being very comfortable with controlling ISO before taking our Advanced SLR class.

Other classes:  Nikon system, Basic and Advanced Flash Photography, Canon System, Olympus System, SLR video and editing, and Studio Lighting.

Take any class again FREE and bring your spouse.  Michael Lamb Photography and Spartan Photo Center have combined their photography class policies to give you the best possible class experience.  First, you can bring a spouse FREE so you don’t have to come alone.  Second, you can take the class again FREE if ever you need a refresher.

Click HERE for information and registration.  We look forward to seeing you in class.

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